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shiny happy properties

shiny happy properties

Adiel Shlinger

  • Sales

  • Real Estate Division Management

  • Negotiation

  • Capital Raising

  • Finance

  • Procurement

  • Bureaucracy and Legal Affairs

  • Business Strategy

Daniel Samucha

  • Full Marketing in Digital and Sales

  • Photography

  • Product and Menu Development

  • Creating a Concept for each Business

  • Branding and Positioning the Products in the Market

  • Designing Projects and Adapting Them to the Concept

  • Marketing Strategy

  • Content Creation for Projects

  • Public Relations and Communication

  • Producing Special Events

Gal Kohener

  • Control and Development of Managers and Workforce across all Projects

  • Systemic Administration

  • Connecting all Projects within the Group at an Organizational Level

  • Establishing a Workforce for New Projects and their Training

  • General Management of all Businesses and Daily Procedures

  • Procurement and Inventory Management

  • Building and Supervising Maintenance, Cleaning, and Safety Systems

  • Creating Economic Reports for Managing Income and Expenses for all Projects and Presenting Them


  • Office Manager

  • Customer Relations Manager

  • Responsible for Broad Social Media

  • Financial Management


  • Project Operations Manager

  • Guest Experience Manager

about us

MALLA is highly recognized in the hospitality industry, primarily abroad, where it operates and specializes in this work style in Israel and internationally.

The management company views the hospitality sector as a contemporary and future-oriented goal for the development and expansion of its activities. It holds extensive expertise in the development and operation of tourist resorts and hotels, combining them with the food and beverage service sector and event management.

The group has a professional team specializing in hospitality operations, marketing, and execution of content events for accommodation guests and external clients. The group has extensive experience in branding processes, creating an unbeatable product of high-level exclusive hospitality that includes various attractions, closed events for companies and individuals, open dining, and dining for accommodation guests. All of these aspects, and more, contribute to the group's innovative approach to the market.

We are dedicated to enhancing the guest experience, increasing revenue, and ensuring the overall success of your hotel.


"Creating a more

colorful and diverse

tourism comunity."


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