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shiny happy properties

shiny happy properties

Secret Hill hotel pool, Lefkada Greece

secret hill

Porto Katsiki Lefkada, Greece

Secret Hill was conceived from a deep love for individuals seeking a retreat beyond the typical vacation destination. In this sanctuary, one can pause, embrace the present moment, and cultivate mindfulness.

Nestled atop a mountain above the famous Porto Katsiki beach, Secret Hill is a boutique hotel renowned for its distinctive wellness approach. Offering yoga and meditation sessions, as well as health workshops, guests are invited to nourish both body and mind. Additionally, our gourmet restaurant specializes in fresh fish and locally sourced greens, further enhancing the holistic experience.

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6 Suites - 34 meters per unit

8 rooms - 24 meters per unit

Land size - 17 dunams


Yoga space

Large Shared Pool

property specification

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