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shiny happy properties

shiny happy properties

We always seek extra hands and minds to grow with us and create a strong workers' community.

The jobs:

work with us

Hotel Manager

Responsible for overseeing all hotel operations, managing staff, and ensuring guest satisfaction. Greets guests, handles check-ins and check-outs and provides excellent customer service.

Housekeeping Staff

Keeps guest rooms and public areas clean and tidy, ensuring a pleasant stay for guests.

Restaurant Staff

Chefs, servers, bartenders, and kitchen staff for the hotel's

dining establishments.​

Maintenance Technician

Handles repairs and

maintenance tasks to keep the property in good condition.​

Sales & Marketing Manager

Promotes the hotel,

manages bookings, and works

to increase occupancy rates.​

Event Coordinator

Organizes and oversees events and special occasions hosted

at the hotel.​

Spa Therapists

Provides spa and wellness

treatments to enhance guest

relaxation and comfort.​

Purchasing Manager

Manages inventory and

procurement of supplies

for the hotel.​

Accounting & Finance Staff

Handles financial operations, including bookkeeping and budget management.

shiny happy team

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