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shiny happy properties

shiny happy properties

Ranny house short term rentals in Athense Greece

Athens, Greece

ranny house

Nestled in the vibrant Petraholona neighborhood of Athens, it offers a unique blend of contemporary luxury and local charm. Named after the 'Ranunculus' flower, symbolizing enchantment, and inspired by the word 'Ranny,' a term of endearment for a beloved home, our building embodies beauty and warmth. With three elegantly designed apartments—two spacious enough for groups of four and one ideal for couples—each space is a haven of modern amenities and stylish comfort. The lively streets, rich in culture and history, promise an authentic Athenian experience, inviting you to make RANNY HOUSE your cherished home in the heart of the city.

3 Boutique Apartments

200 meter complex in the center of Athens

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